Mako Professional Aquatic Lake and Pond Dye 5X Concentrate


  • Professional Grade 5X Super Concentrate Formula Lasts Longer
  • 100% Safe Around People, Pet’s, Horses, Birds, Livestock and Fish
  • Increases Brilliance and Enhances the Aesthetic Appeal of your Lake or Pond
  • Ultra-Condensed Aquatic Colorant Blend Treats 1 Acre up to 6’ Deep
  • Water Can Be Used Immediately After Application. No Restrictions – No Wait Time
  • Can Be Used in Winter, Summer, Spring and Fall for Year Round Coverage
  • Lab Synergized Formula Blocks a Broader Spectrum of UV Rays
  • 100% Non-Toxic, Non-Hazardous, Environmentally Friendly & Irrigation Safe
  • Developed Using the Latest Aquatic Chemistry and Finest Lake & Pond Dyes
  • Available in 3 Different Tones – Perfect Blue, Bahama Blue & Midnight Black

MAKO™ Lake and Pond Dye is the ultimate professional colorant, and can be used year round to enhance and beautify your lake or pond. Maximum concentrate MAKO™ works faster and lasts longer in most all contained bodies of water. MAKO™ reduces sunlight penetration by blocking a broad spectrum of UV rays and is 100% Safe around people, livestock, birds, pets, horses, fish, wildlife and the environment.


Water treated with MAKO™ may be used for recreation, fishing and other activities immediately after treatment. Once applied to water, MAKO™ will not stain docks, boats or decorative features.

AQUATIC EFFECT MAKO™ rapidly spreads through your water to create a stunning natural effect. Formulated using only the highest quality deep dyes, MAKO™ guarantees a deeper,richer appearance.

WHERE TO USE Perfect for lakes, ponds, ornamental water features, fish hatcheries, irrigation & runoff canals, drainage ditches, aquaculture and other contained (or very low outflow) bodies of water.


Shake well & pour MAKO™ along the shoreline or throughout the water by boat for faster disbursement. MAKO™ is effective regardless of temperature and should be used year round. Treatments last up to several months depending on rainfall and evaporation.

Mako Lake and Pond Dye Quick Start Guide
Mako Dye full label

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